Some new projects at GroovyVerse. I made an amazing night sky, if I may say so myself! lol We built a shrine / grotto, and plan to have nightly Goddess devotionals. It is a short Pagan religions service, with a few readings/affirmations. And then we share and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It is a nice practice, whatever religion you observe, and really puts things in perspective.

Trans goals: I want to do voice training so I can scream like a girl. We're going to a concert in August. lol

We had another wonderful party at GroovyVerse! A really good turnout, and got to slow dance with my hun. <3

An earlier creation. I seriously need a chair like this in RL. :)

Panoramic "SkyHenge" Mastodon doesn't do 360 but it looks cool anyway. :)

Just completed Club GroovyVerse in Second Life. Just do a place search for "groovy" There are two matches. There is a severe lack of grooviness, which we hope to remedy.

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This week I learnt about SDFs and 🤯 I'm surprised they're not more broadly talked about. Apparently they're common knowledge for #UI but they can be a #VFX artist's best friend too!

You can have crisp images in big resolutions with a 32x32px texture that use 1kb!! This does wonders for #optimization in #gamedev.
Joyrok wrote a great article that explains how they work and how they can be used:
Even with #UE4 examples!

And you know what the wildest thing is? They've been around for ages!

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Όταν συγγενείς και φίλοι παραθυράκηδες μου ζητάν βοήθεια

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Probably pushing things by uploading a video. I am learning :)

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